Health resorts

Resorts - Our health is the most precious gift therefore we should always take care of it. We offer stay in resorts located in our region.


Ciechocinek is the city of flowers and greenery, but first of all the most famous resort in Poland. The Europe’s biggest graduation towers are located here and 4 parks, many flower carpets and cosy cafes make the walking pavements full of guests. The wealth of Ciechocinek are rich deposits of term brines, owing to the i.e. sodium chloride, calcium compounds, magnesium, iron, free sulfane, iodine, they have extraordinary medical properties.  

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Inowroc?aw is also called the "city of salt" due to its rich deposits and traditions of its obtaining dating back to Middle Ages. Inowroca?w is health resort with many years of tradition, renowned and valued home and abroad. The card of the city is the 55 hectare Brine Park, where many resorts are located as well as one of four Polish graduation towers, and the wide offer of SPA & Wellness services, good reason to give yourself "healthy weekend" there.

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Wieniec Zdrój

Wieniec Zdrój is a small holiday and healthy resort place located in picturesque forests approx. 6 km from W?oc?awek. You can best reach it taking the road W?oc?awek - Osi?ciny (Wiecniecka from W?oc?awek in direction of Osi?ciny). It is real paradise for those who look for calm and cosy place to rest from every day duties. Fresh air full of phytocecidia - ethereal substances produced by confers - cure the organism by increasing its natural resistance. The health resort was established at the turn of 19th and 20th century when as a result of research and search on the land of Baron Leopold Kronenber several well were made and the source of sulphate water was found. The healthy mineral water and large peat deposits became the basis for the health resort construction. It specializes in treatment of rheumatic, orthopaedic diseases, injuries, diseases of vessels and high blood pressure as well as cardiovascular diseases, with particular attention of states after heart failure.  It treats faulty postures and diseases of limbs and respiratory disease by children. 

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Grudziadz - Geotermia

GEOTERMIA in Grudzi?dz is the youngest resort of that kind in the region. Only in 1972 the deposits of warm brines water were discovered there with the temperature reaching 44° C, which later turned out to have medical properties. In the present offer of GEOTERMIA there is brine bath, rehabilitation gym, and unique brine pyramid which, owing to the large amount of iodides, plays enormous roles in the treatment of hypothyroidism, inhalation of upper respiratory system and facilitates the metabolism.

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