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Kujawsko Pomorskie Province – Always on the route

Kujawsko–Pomorskie is the region situated in northern Part of central Poland. Owing to such location we are strategic partner as far as ideal place is concerned that would bind the provinces in north-western and north-eastern part of the country and the regions of northern and central Poland. 

We also have a well-developed network of international and national roads, a well-developed railway network, exceptional conditions for an  inland navigation (including two international waterways – E 70 and E 40), as well as crossroads of international transit routes north-south connecting the Southern Europe with Scandinavia and east-west connecting the Western Europe with Baltic states and Russia.

The important asset of the region is its human and intellectual potential. We have 31 schools of higher education, including 3 universities: Nature and Technology University and Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, and the largest university centre in northern Poland – Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. High school students and students from our region win many prestigious awards in such fields as, e.g. IT, sports and music. 

Kujawsko – Pomorskie is a dynamically developing agricultural and industrial region where the major role play the industries such as. food, pulp and paper, chemical, rubber, electro machine and plastic ones. 188 thousand of business entities, including 97% of private sector, are located around the major cities: Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Włocławek and Inowrocław. Renowned international companies such as Nestle, Unilever, British Sugar, Bonduelle invest here. 

We also skilfully used the natural wealth. Resorts in Inowrocław, Ciechocinek and Wieniec-Zdrój use springs of mineral waters, deposits of halite and limestone, creating recreational and medical resorts, popular among tourists from home and abroad.


Two capital cities of the Province, Bydgoszcz and Toruń, connected in 2008 in Bicity, are the essence of the best character of our Region. First of all it is an extremely rapidly developing new social and economic infrastructure, the interesting history accompanied by unique, live culture and art and optimism, with which we perceive the future we are heading for.


1. The comfort of the travel - AIRPORT

I. J. Paderewski International Airport is modern premises awarded the distinction in the competition the 2004 Construction, meeting all requirements of international airports. It provides a wide range of national and international connections, servicing almost 180,000 passengers each year. The localisation is a major asset. Located just 3.5 km from the Bydgoszcz centre, one of the Province capital cities and important conference centre, it allows saving the most important thing in today’s life – time. 

 more >>> http://www.plb.pl/index.php?lang=en - . I. J. Paderewski International Airport in Bydgoszcz Official Website.

2. After hours…

Kujawsko – Pomorskie is the region characteristic for unique diversity of tourist attractions, providing the potential tourist with extremely rich holiday offer, individually tailored. Using both natural and cultural assets, we do our best to meet the expectations of the most demanding travellers.

3. The echoes of prehistory - RESERVATION IN BISKUPIN

Archaeological reservation in Buskupin is for sure a tempting offer for the lovers of prehistory and anthropology. Said to be the Polish Pompeii, the 2,700 years old well preserved settlement of the old Lusatians became the European breakthrough in 1930s. The reservation, despite the flow of time, is up to date and offers its guests the possibility to use technological latest developments. Multimedia guides in form of a palmtop can describe the most interesting secrets of Biskupin in three languages.

more >>> www.biskupin.pl

4. CIECHOCINEK  and  INOWROCŁAW  such greenery, health and music that will not cost you much

Both places are resorts with many years of traditions, renowned and valued home and abroad. Inowrocław is also called the "city of salt" due to its rich deposits. The card of the city is the 55 hectare Brine Park, where many resorts are located as well as one of four Polish graduation towers.

Ciechocinek is the city of flowers and greenery. The Europe’s biggest graduation towers are located here and 4 parks, many flower carpets and cosy cafes make the walking pavements full of guests. Ciechocinek is also the city of festivals – from opera to blues. These events are held annually and gather a lot of tourists. 

Both Ciechocinek and Inowrocław provide wide offer of SPA & Wellness services, so therefore it is worth giving yourself "healthy weekend" there.


Tężnia solankowa w Inowrocławiu



5. In love…in CHEŁMNO    

Such destiny will meet everybody who will visit this picturesque city located on nine hills of Wysoczyzna Chełmińska. There is no other choice as Chełmno is the City of those In Love. Partially due to relics of St. Valentine located in one of six Gothic churches – Cathedral of St. Mary Assumption and due to unique atmosphere of beautiful medieval Old Town being the element of the European Brick Gothic Route.


Panorama Chełmna

Ratusz w Chełmnie

more>>> www.chelmno.pl

6. Bydgoszcz

This is dynamically developing modern industrial city. It has the largest in the region conference centre located in the Opera Nova building, well developed hotel base, and International Airport - everything you need to quickly and professionally organise a  conference in comfortable conditions. 

Shopping and entertainment centres such as Focus Park, Galeria Pomorska, or Rondo offer a lot of attractions, and Filharmonia Pomorska, Opera Nova and Teatr Polski will satisfy the cultural appetites of music and theatre lovers. Those loving cinema and small talk with coffee (or something stronger) Bydgoszcz offer 2 cinema multiplexes, cinema theatre and  a rich selection of delicious restaurants, cosy cafes and pubs with unforgettable atmosphere.

Bydgoszcz Starówka


Trzy Spichlerze


7. Torun

In 1997 it was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and its residents claim that they would never change the place of residence. The Old Town, full of live until late at night, Gothic churches, Baroque granaries, tenements - unchanged for centuries and hundreds of pubs, restaurants, and cafes are just several reasons justifying while Toruń was awarded the title of one of "7 wonders of Poland”. With Planetarium you can reach the stars, “meet gingerbread” in the Real Life Gingerbread Museum and art of upper shelf in newly opened Contemporary Art Centre. Well equipped conference rooms, catering and accommodation basis and unique atmosphere of the city make that conference organised within its wall will be memorable for long time.


more  >>>

8. Golub Dobrzyn

Gothic castle in Golub Dobrzyń is the land of Princes Anna of Waza who kindly makes it available for the tourists, hosts the travellers tired after long trips and rents to organisers of trainings and conferences. One of such trainings held in the Castle is the course on how to become a knight. The mandatory classes in the Knight School include among others: a crossbow shooting, an axe throwing and  a roasting pig in the fire. If you happen to be in the Old Town in Golub Dobrzyń with the characteristic medieval urban layout, you must visit the 14th century St. Catherine church and the weird arcades house from the 2nd half of the 18th century.

Golub Dobrzyń

more >>>

9. Bory Tucholskie – fish, mushroom, sports and secrets  

This is the paradise for the fans of “thick” fish as there are many crystal clear streams and lakes there. This is Poland’s second largest forest complex which hides many secrets. One of them is Piekiełko located near Tuchola on the Brda River. It owes the mysterious atmosphere to the thick forest and loosely thrown stones. The second secret of that land is the Polish oldest sanctuary with 3,300 yews centuries old. Each tree is a  vigilant observer and knows many stories. To know any of them, just listen carefully to their noise. 

Well developed the accommodation in Bory Tucholskie with picturesque agrtourism farms allow to slow down, take a deep breath and relax in harmony with nature. Owing to the landscape and nature features ,attempts are being taken to create the UNESCO biosphere in the area of Bory Tucholskie.

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10. Brodnica

One of the oldest and most beautifully located Polish cities is a great offer for tourists who value  an active relax in nature. The lovers of water sports will take advantage of over 100 lakes of Pojezierze Bordnickie and the Drwęca River – the popular canoe route and the largest ichthyologic sanctuary in Poland. The most interesting monuments of Brodnica include: St. Catherine cathedral erected between 1285—1370, Chełmińska Gate,the  granary and Masury Gate and the Old Town with a rarely seen arch in form of a  triangle.



Kościół Farny

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