Region for active tourists

The Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province creates great conditions for many sports and active tourism. Its main natural health are rivers. They create diverse water routes, large ponds, picturesque valleys and green corridors where you can actively spend time.

Canoe routes

Brda and Wda have excellent conditions for canoe lovers. The proximity of wild nature, picturesque bays and slopes and thick forests attract lovers of active rest with nature from Poland and abroad. Tourist will find there many camping places and several water ports where you can stop, set up a tent and rent water equipment. The most famous is the section of Brda called "Piekie?ko". It owns its name to many obstacles and stones being significant challenge even to experience canoe lovers. Wda is much calmer. Therefore it is more suitable for family canoeing.

Sp?yw kajakowy na rzece Wda w Borach Tucholskich

Drw?ca w Brodnicy

Sp?yw kajakowy na rzece Wda w Borach Tucholskich


For water lovers and sailors who adore unforeseeable water bodies, islands and bays, the great place will be Zalew Koronowski near Bydgoszcz and Gop?o lake. The amateurs of open spaces should choose the lake Du?e ?ni?skie or Zalew W?oc?awski. On the lake Du?e ?ni?skie, Motor Water World Championships are held every year. On Zalew W?oc?awki, apart from traditional sailing, you can try flying with paraglider, water skis and ice sailing. The Kujawsko-Pomorskie region has one of few Polish depots of artificial diving. It is located in flooded quarry in Piechcin near Barcin.


Bike and walking routes

Those who prefer walking can try their luck in Kujawsko-Pomorskie twofold. On one hand the region offers sand, forest routes of Bory Tucholskie and Pojezierze Brodnickie, and on the other hand - historical routes running through files and lakes of Pa?uki and Che?mi?ska Land. The longest are: Blue "Brda Route" 161 km, , blue „ AK Partisans Route” in Bory Tucholskie 100 km and yellow "F. ??gowski Route" 160 km. Among historical routes which should be walked in order to feel as in the old times, is the Small Piast Route on Pa?uki from ?nin, Wenecja, Biskupin to Recze and St. Jacobs Road. The route marked it St. Jacob's shells has two newly set sections. The first runs from Olsztyn to Toru? and the second from Mogilno to Gniezno  , partially covering the Piast Route. 

Marina Zaczewo


In Kujawsko-Pomorskie there are also many studs and riding centres, In Bydgoszcz the culture and rest park provides interesting riding routes. The stud and hippodrome are located there and riding tournaments are held there. You can approach riding in two ways: as recreation and sport. The example of the second approach is the centre located at the border of Bydgoszcz forest in Jaszczó?tów. Regional tournaments in obstacle clearing, "Hubertusy" and knight tournaments are held there. Similarly in Golub Dobrzy?. The local castle in its walls provides riding lessons organizes annual international knight tournaments. Moreover riding is offered in many agro tourist farms.

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